Not only jeeps. Forza Horizon 5 players found a new way to make quick money •

Although a bit less effective.

The recent update of Forza Horizon 5 blocked a way to get money quickly with the help of jeeps. However, the players found a new method to get rich easily, although it is slightly less effective.

Recall that the previous exploit allowed upgrading the Willys MB Jeep with experience points to get a Super Draw, which usually rewards the player with a lot of money or a rare car.

The Pontiac Firebird is at the heart of the new method

The new method works in a similar way but is based on the Pontiac Firebird. In the case of the aforementioned car, buying a Super Draw costs 14 skill points, which is slightly more than in a jeep, but the vehicle itself is cheaper – the price is only 25,000 credits.

As the VG247 website writes, there is also a way to accumulate skill points faster. Players must take part in a fan-created event that lasts 30 seconds and rewards a substantial amount of experience. Professions can be found in Creative Hub – enter ?? 497 519 560 “in the search engine.

Users trying their hand at the latest production of Playground Games studio can take advantage of Forza Horizon 5 – a guide and the best tips, which contain a lot of useful tips.

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