Not only Jessica Mercedes: Kendall Jenner, too, has a problem with influencerstwem! Have to pay 90 THOUSAND DOLLAR fine

On Friday, Polish media will try to find out, live with the scandal caused by outrageous opening clients of the boutique Jessica Mercedes. Belonging to her brand Veclaim since its Foundation, it is promoted as a business that your proposal develops and produces only in Poland. As it turned out later, these noble principles are not touching the line “basicowych” t-shirts are sold for several hundred dollars apiece. They resulted from the collection Fruit of the Loomproduced in Morocco, and then was changed to the Polish artisans. The truth came out via the usual sloppiness, because not all of the products he had lost the price tag of the original manufacturer.


This time Jessica could breathe a sigh of relief that is not in your favorite United States. Because there is for the introduction of misleading consumers may face steep fines. Saw this recently Kendall Jennerwhich, according to Entertainment Tonight, agreed to settle, to pay 90 thousand dollars for deliberately to deceive customers of the infamous fire Festival.

Tickets for “a dream party” was worth even 12 thousand rubles. Miss Jenner instagramowym on your profile said that for the price, you can count on a luxurious party on a private island accompanied by the famous fashion models. Moreover, in one of the already deleted records, young Kardashianka comes from the fact that among the musical guests of the festival will be her son – in-law Kanye West. The reality is much different, however, from the imaginary projections.

The participants of the event had limited access to water and electricity, their diet was based on dry bread and cheese topionymand their possessions were transported in huge containers that you had to remove the middle of the night without any lighting. Obiecywanych about the lack of fame does not even have that to remember.


Punishment Kendall and Yes, it seems modest given that it is in front of fans that paid her for advertising events. In her pocket was 275 thousand dollars, and so was hunter.

But we hope that this will be a lesson for the future for the rest influencerek that it is not necessary to deceive their fans. If not out of decency, then at least care about their own pockets. In the end, greedy loses twice…


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