Not only Meghan Markle. These stars have married into royal families

  • The King of Spain is said to have seen his future wife for the first time on television, where the woman was the host of news programs
  • Grace Kelly gave up her acting career when she married the Prince of Monaco
  • Honored rugby player and sports star Mike Tindall married the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II in 2011
  • The wife of the 49th pretender to the British throne could be seen in several seasons of the series “Two and a half”
  • You can find more such stories on the Onet homepage

When the BBC aired in November first part The documentary about the conflict between princes William and Harry, the world again looked at members of the royal family with more attention. The documentary The Princes And The Press caused a stir in Buckingham Palacebecause no one knew about the film’s emission, and thus could not react to the information in the production. Meghan Markle is differentwhich had the possibility to indicate the interlocutorsand whose history is the axis of the document. Wife Prince Harry basically from the first information about getting married with a grandson Queen Elizabeth IIattracts media attention. Her chimerical behavior has been reported on numerous occasions, and at the same time, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed the details of the treatment of her by the royal family and her associates. Moreover, many people, including journalists, questioned Prince Harry’s choice of a candidate for a wife. The reasons were usually the same: Meghan Markle is not only an American, but above all an actresswho could use her abilities to manipulate others.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Relationships between members of royal or princely families with famous people are not such a phenomenon. Who else has bonded with someone from a different world, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

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These stars have married into royal families

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