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The Juventus fans highlighted the problem: in their eyes – excluding captain bands or dressing room hierarchies – Leonardo Bonucci is not recognized as the leader of a group adrift. And, according to what he reports The Gazzetta dello Sportprobably it still is not even in the eyes of his own coach that, despite having to assign him the degrees for a mere matter of seniority after Chiellini’s farewell, he preferred to ignore him on the occasion of what could and should have been the turning point (missed): that of last Sunday with Monza.

A STRANGE ABSENCE – The defender born in ’87 remained on the bench for the full 90 minutes, making room for the young Gatti: a simple turn-over, some could argue considering that Bonucci had played as a starter in the previous match against Salernitana and the Champions League match against Benfica. For a player who is no longer very young and rather subject to injuries in recent times, a choice that can also be read as prudential and preventive, to avoid the danger of adding his name to that of the many unavailable at Juventus. But it is equally true that, when going through a period of crisis, in a football team it is difficult to ignore what should be the reference points of the group and, in the absence of the veterans Szczesny, Cuadrado and Alex Sandro, do without the national team player too. a rather curious circumstance.

DISCLAIMER DECLARATIONS? – The drafts coming from Continassa are all directed towards words released by Bonucci at the end of the recent debacle in the Champions League: “I’m worried, there is nothing to hide. Unfortunately we leave the game too often, either because of a mental or physical fact, I don’t know. “Statements with an unspecified addressee who could easily be identified in those who, more than others, have the responsibility to identify the solution to the problem: the trainer. And with Allegri there is no lack of previous conflicts: from the fight on the pitch with Palermo in 2017 and the Porto stool up to the decision not to give him the armband on the occasion of his return to Juve, a decision not without difficulty digested by the player. In a moment of strong tensions within Juve, another reason for conflict and unknowns is added: not insignificant if it has the captain as its protagonist.

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