“Not what you expect”

Thunderbolts, David Harbor explains why the film will be innovative compared to Marvel Studios projects: “It’s not what you expect.”

The July 26, 2024 will be released in cinemas Thunderboltsthe film dedicated to the group composed of anti-heroes and former super-villains of theMarvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios has hired the director Jake Schreier (Paper city, Kidding) to direct the film, which will be written by Eric Pearson. Kevin Feigealso announced that the team will also include characters fans haven’t seen yetand which will be introduced during the Stage 5 of themcu.

During a promotional interview with Colliders about action comedy Violent night, David Harbourinterpreter of Alexey Shostakov alias Red Guardian in Black Widow (2021), spoke briefly about the film about Thunderbolts. After revealing that he hasn’t yet read the film script despite knowing what the story and narrative arc of his character will be, the actor explained why the cinecomic will be different and innovative compared to other Marvel Studios projects:

“It will be very nice. It will be very… E not what you expect. It incorporates a couple of new elements, new things that we haven’t seen yet in this universe. It’s really interesting. Let’s introduce something that is super interesting. It’s vital.”

“I am thrilled that the character of Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be explored more. One of the things you probably know is the dynamic between me and Florence [Pugh] it will be explored in a very interesting way. But all these guys are amazing, Sebastian’s character [Stan]Wyatt’s character [Russell]… I love this mercenary element in the MCU. The MCU has always been elevated in a way. Captain America and even Iron Man, even if he’s self-absorbed, they always acted for the right reasons and ultimately did the right thing. While these characters are underdogs, they failed to get a lot of things right. So as far as what they told me I think it’s very interesting. I mean, I wish I could reveal more, but you know how it works.”

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