Notes of cinema, a competition for young people in Seregno

The association Brianza music of Seregno promotes a graphic-pictorial competition and computer graphics by title “Cinema Notes”an initiative supported by the Municipality through the summer 2022 youth tender. A contribution of up to 4 thousand euros has been foreseen for the project.

Note di cinema, concert by the “European Youth Ensemble“

The competition is aimed at all those who reside in Seregno or attend a school in the city and are between the ages of 12 and 19, and intends to highlight the inventive and creative abilities of young students. THEl October 29 at the don Milani middle school auditorium in via Carroccio, the youth instrumental complex European Youth Ensemblea formation of eighteen young musicians directed by Roberto Colciago, will play the soundtracks of the following films: Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of rings, The 7 magnificient, Nuovo Cinema paradiso, Artificial Intelligence, Romeo and Juliet, ET the Extraterrestrial, Hook, Captain Hook.

Cinema notes, how to participate

Young artists who intend to participate in the competition will be asked to create a work that represents one or more of the aforementioned films, choosing a character or a scene they consider representative and inserting a musical element linked to the soundtrack of the same. A competition aims to bring out not only the artistic, graphic and pictorial skills of young people, but also the close link between sound and image, a link that often characterizes the success of a film. Entries must be sent to the municipality’s sports and youth office by 21 October. For the best entries there are cash prizes: the first place will receive 200 euros, the second 150 and the third 100 euros

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