Notting Hill, the sad exit of Hugh Grant: “I don’t like kissing Julia Roberts, she has a huge mouth”

Notting Hill is the romantic comedy directed by Roger Mitchell and written by Richard Curtis which will be broadcast tonight at 21.09 on the new channel 27. Like films like Bodyguard And Ghosts, Notting Hill has become a real cult of the romantic genre, creating a shared collective imagination.

Notting Hill, the plot

William Thacker (Hugh Grant) is an ordinary man who lives in London and runs a travel bookshop in Notting Hill. His whole life is spent in the area, between his workplace and his house with a recognizable blue door. The last thing William expects is to find a famous Hollywood actress among the shelves of his library, yet that’s exactly what happens. One day, actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) enters the shop and William’s life, turning it upside down. With a strange and irreverent roommate (Rhys Ifans) and a group of curious but loyal friends, William will have to somehow find a balance between his previous life and Anna’s busy schedule. The actress, for her part, will have to learn to trust again, after Hollywood has undermined her ability to believe in the good intentions of others.

Hugh Grant’s offenses against Julia Roberts

Notting Hill is a film that plays on the stereotype of the “famous person”: it therefore focuses on the fantasy of the ordinary person who manages to meet a celebrity and to make her fall in love with himself. It is a cliche dated, which suggests the unconscious desire of each viewer to find himself in a similar situation, chosen – one out of a thousand – by a famous person. The choice of theme, therefore, is in fact the element that helped Notting Hill to carve out a privileged place in the hearts of the public. The second element, as can be easily understood, is the presence of two stars like Hugh Grant And Julia Roberts, undisputed protagonists of the panorama of film comedy throughout the 90s. According to IMDB extensionRichard Curtis and Roger Mitchell had always had the two stars in mind for the lead roles: Notting Hilltherefore, is closely linked to the presence of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Furthermore, the two, on the screen, have an evident chemistry, which has allowed a Notting Hill to be a successful film from every point of view. Too bad that, away from the camera, things weren’t as rosy as one might imagine. It seems, in fact, that Hugh Grant hated to kiss Julia Roberts and, according to the website dell‘Internet Movie Database, he did everything to avoid kissing her. The director, however, reminded him that Notting Hill it was a romantic comedy centered on a love story and therefore it was necessary for the two protagonists to kiss. But why was Hugh Grant so reluctant to kiss one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses? According to Daily Mail the problem was related to the physiognomy of Julia Roberts. The actor of About a boy he would have said: “He has one huge mouth. She seemed to hear an echo of her when I kissed her.” Luckily, however, Julia Roberts never took offense to the less than elegant comment of the set mate and has always said she was willing to work with him again.

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