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The Maronti Consortium rejoices for the nourishment intervention at the bay of the same name. In a letter sent by President Mattera Lucio Barnard to the mayors of Barano and Serrara Fontana, the entrepreneurs write: “It is with great satisfaction that – we operators of the Maronti – we have observed the execution of the nourishment intervention on the west side of the Bay, that is the point that most of all complains about the lack of sand. We are convinced that this intervention will allow many of us to “save” the tourist season and to be able to work peacefully at least in the months of July and August. We really need it, as we have been using it since a pandemic that has put a strain on our economic system! The Maronti Consortium takes the opportunity to thank you and the municipal offices who have worked and are still working for this cause, together with the Municipality of Serrara Fontana and in particular with the Mayor Dr. Irene lacono, the Campania Region and, especially, to the Director Bruna Fiola and the Deputy Chairman Fulvio Bonavitacola. We believe that this intervention is the clear demonstration that, when the various Authorities move in synergy, the result can only be extremely positive for the entire community. The Maronti Consortium, for its part, is as always attentive and open to collaboration with the various levels of government ».

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