Novak Djoković not only questioned the sense of the vaccine. Strange Serb beliefs

  • The whole story began with the fact that Novak Djoković received a special waiver to participate in the Australian Open without vaccination
  • “The Age” argues that the federal government is still preparing the issue of revoking Novak Djoković’s visa and deporting him
  • It has been known for years that the Serb meets with various people who share with him their controversial ideas for improving his form or health
  • Many of them have been ridiculed by scientists, but Djoković continues to promote what he learned
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The saga with Novak Djokovic is in full swing. The latest information from Australian media shows that the leader of the ATP ranking cannot be sure of participation in the Australian Open. The Age argues that the federal government is still preparing a case for revoking Novak Djokovic’s visa and deporting him. “It would be a dangerous precedent for Djokovic to remain in Australia,” adds The Age.

The whole story began with the fact that Novak Djoković received a special waiver to participate in the Australian Open without vaccination. The Serb flew to Melbourne, where he was detained by the border services. First, he was in solitary confinement at the airport and then transferred to a refugee center.

On Monday, a federal court ruled that Novak Djokovic’s visa was valid. He was about to be released from the hotel. The court also decided that the government must cover the costs of the stay of the world leader in Australia so far.

Currently, the Serb is at large. On Monday and Tuesday he trained at the main venue of Melbourne Park – Rod Laver Arena, and the defender of the title appears on the official lists of participants as the tournament “number one”.

From the beginning, Djoković questioned the sense of the COVID-19 vaccine

According to Djoković, sports rivalry should not be made dependent on whether the player accepts the vaccine or not. In Serbia itself, these words were not well received, and national coronavirus specialists accused that his opinion would affect many people around the world.

Years ago “Nole” needed specialist treatment of a seriously damaged elbow. He insisted that he did not need surgery, leaving former tennis player Andre Agassi departing from his staff. Ultimately, Djoković decided to undergo the procedure, although he felt sorry for himself and that he had failed himself.

Instead, he preferred cooperation with, among others with Igor Cetojevic, a Chinese medicine doctor who judged the Serb to be gluten intolerant. He judged it by the slice of bread he had … put on his belly. This can be assessed in various ways, but it was then – after 2010 – that his series of victories in the Grand Slam tournaments began (only in 2011 he won 3 of them).

As for the coronavirus itself, Djoković went to a country where restrictions related to it are extremely strict. In Serbia, nearly 47 percent are fully vaccinated. population. In Australia, this percentage is 92%.

Energy from the “pyramids”

The Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagic persuaded the Serb to draw energy from the “pyramids” (because they were not real pyramids), which he himself discovered about 30 km from Sarajevo. Djokovic himself traveled to Visoko, where the discovery was made, and called it “heaven on earth”. Since then, crowds have been coming there, which is why Osmanagić himself is happy.

“Nole” also believes in the “philosophy of love and peace” which is revealed by embracing people and trees. Pepe Imaz, a former tennis player and member of Serba’s staff in 2016-2018, persuaded him to do all of this. It was his behavior that led to the departure of Boris Becker, another former prominent player, from the staff.

In 2020, in turn, Djoković met Chervin Jafarieh, a well-known real estate adviser, who this time advised him as a prayer and gratitude specialist to remove toxins from meals. Jafarieh’s theories, taken from the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, were ridiculed by specialists.

The Serb also believed in the healing power … of jumping on a springboard. He shared his attempts on Twitter last May.

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