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Weather: November, after a truly exceptional start, a big twist could come; the trend

African anticyclone until 6 November The African anticyclone will continue to affect Italy also in the next few days and could even cause a truly exceptional start to November. After Third Ottobrata andHalloween anticyclonein fact, the Record-breaking November, starting as early as Wednesday 2 November.
But beware, the news today is that a twist could occur immediately after.

According to the latest updates of the main Computing Centers a general weather change it will be possible around 6/8 Novemberwith the approach of a series of north-Atlantic perturbed impulses capable of favoring an erosion of the anticyclone, day after day.
The high pressure could rise towards high latitudes (it could even go towards Greenland) leaving free space at the entrance of a disturbance downhill to France and Italy, supported by colder air of polar-maritime origin. One of the most significant weather configurations in terms of bad weather in Italy (visible on the attached map).
The “fall of the anticyclonic balloon“would kick off a favorable period for rains, with bad weather and temperatures certainly more suited to the period. Only in the next few days will it be possible to deepen the topic in detail, better assessing whether this potential wound on the Mediterranean will be able to definitively open the gates of the Atlantic, with so much rain and the definitive way to the real autumn season.

If the worsening does not go through, the situation will become nothing short of “dramatic“, especially from the point of view of the lack of rainfall (drought), which risks having repercussions in the long term. autumn rainfall (those that bring the great snowfalls on the Alps and the abundant phenomena in the plains), you risk being catapulted into a “water crisis“at a national level. Already in the summer just passed, very many Italian municipalities found themselves without water (not only irrigation, but also drinking water). A real tragedy that is likely to be relived even more widely in the next summer.

This is a long-term projection, with large margins of uncertainty, but at least something is starting to move. Bad weather risk after 7-8 NovemberBad weather risk after 7-8 November

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