Now charging a Tesla can cost more than a full tank of gas

The company founded by Elon Musk has decided to increase the prices of electricity in Superchargers: it is now sold at € 0.66 / kWh.

“It happened. Charging a Tesla costs like a petrol car ”. John Giuseppe Savini is a creator who deals with themed content Tesla. 320 thousand followers, over 10 million likes, his success on TikTok began by telling about all the features available in the electric car launched by Elon Musk. The latest clip published on the platform, however, has a different flavor. Tesla has raised the price of AI top-ups Supercharger, the columns managed directly by the company that ensure fast and reliable recharging. These are the stations that have red and white columns.

After the increase in electricity prices, Tesla communicated to its customers a tariff increase: € 0.66 / kWh, 16 cents more than before. An increase that would have made electric cars less competitive on the market, as explained by Savini: “Today Tesla warned me that it had to adjust the prices of Superchargers. If I recharged only at Superchargers now I would not have saved anything compared to the cost of gasoline. The cost of electricity has tripled compared to just two years ago ”.

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To check if Savini’s claims are true we took data from two car models. One is there Tesla Model Y, one of Tesla’s cheapest cars. The other is a petrol Citroen C 3, the best-selling car model in Italy last July with this type of fuel. Taking into consideration the electricity costs at the Tesla Supercharger the difference is clear.

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Citroen C3 uses 5.2 liters of petrol per 100 km: at today’s prices we are talking about 8.78 euros. Tesla Model Y needs 16 kWh for the same distance. Charging it to a supercharger would therefore cost € 10.56. The only way to save is to recharge the car at home: in this case, in fact, 4.70 euros would be spent, even in the time slots in which the cost of energy is higher.

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