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Despite the gag imposed by Vladimir Putin, even the Russians begin to rebel. It happened yesterday during a talk show on the state television channel Russia 1. Here the guests refused to support the Kremlin’s propaganda about the war in Ukraine and openly criticized the invasion by the Russian side. And the attempts of the conductors to define that of the Russian president “a special operation” for “demilitarize” and “de-Nazify”one of the guests lost his temper.

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“We have to enter another Afghanistan, but even worse?” Snapped the academician Semyon Bagdasarov while Putin’s “propagandist in chief”, Vladimir Solovievshe tried to interrupt him. Before him it had been Karen Shakhnazarov, director and columnist, to say that the conflict in Ukraine threatened to isolate Russia. “I have a hard time imagining taking cities like Kiev. I can’t imagine what it would be like.” And again: “If this film begins to turn into an absolute humanitarian disaster, even our close allies like China and India will be forced to distance themselves from us”.

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Strong words, especially considering that the Russians who criticize the war are likely to be incarcerated for 15 years, while independent media in the country face threats of closure or hefty fines if they refer to the military campaign as an “invasion”. And it is no coincidence that in recent days the host of “Hello”, Ivan Urgant after taking a stand against the war, disappeared from television. Urgant, known in Italy for the irony about our country, was broadcast on Pervyj Kanal with “Evening Urgant”. The program had disappeared from Pervyj Kanal’s schedule immediately after the host’s post on Instagram, leaving room for alternative programming made up of celebratory concerts, war films and patriotic commemorations.

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