now more than ever it cannot be ruled out “

«The West must respond to nuclear weapons, albeit tactical. And the response must be concerted and proportionate. The danger is real ». For the general Leonardo Tricaricoformer Chief of Staff of the Air Force and military adviser to three Prime Minister, the risk depends on the fact that Putin feels tight in the corner. “There are more coherent signals that he has great difficulties. In addition to the military one that emerged from his speech, and those relating to armaments that emerged when he met the Russian arms manufacturers who he ordered to produce everything at home, another alarming signal is the flight of those who can from Russiawhich looks so much like the preliminaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall ».

With what consequences?
«The moment is very delicate. Putin’s determination to use, as he declared to the whole world, every means available to him is inscrutable. With conventional capacity at the end, his words mean the possible use of other lethal weapons. And I struggle to think of anything other than nuclear weapons. If under the pressure of events this were ultimately his decision, it must be understood which option he will choose between tactical and intercontinental nuclear weapons. Will he take the lesser and less lethal option? And against what target? ».

Could it not be limited to the tactical weapon of limited power?
“Nothing can be ruled out. There is still the hope, which resembles a bet in poker while here you cannot gamble, that since the activation chain of the nuclear weapon is not very short, there is always a weak link, someone who refuses. to obey the order ».

How should the West respond?
“It can draw on an equally wide range of options, from planes ready to take off in minutes to nuclear-armed artillery shells, missiles and submarines. We should concert the answer and make sure it makes sense and is not disproportionate. Since the beginning of the military confrontation, I have assumed that NATO does not cross the red threshold even if Putin were to use the nuclear weapon. I hope that this can be the reaction of the West and that everything stops at that point, we arrive at a ceasefire and negotiation, precisely because of the enormity of the atomic bomb as a weapon of general conviction. But there is something more sensational and censurable ».

«Not even before the United Nations Assembly did President Biden even hint at the need for a truce and a negotiation. An option that simply does not exist in his mind and that confirms how even the collective approach to the edge of the ravine does not cause the president of the United States to break down, capable only of dreading dark and nefarious retaliation ».

Perhaps with Putin it is worthwhile to give signals of strength?
«So far, Biden has only given the signal of having betrayed the spirit and the letter of the Treaty of the Atlantic Alliance where it states in art. 1 that the Parties undertake, in compliance with the Charter of the United Nations, to settle by peaceful means any international controversy in which they may be involved “.

Should Putin have his hands free?
“Indeed, we should have intervened from the very first moment, when Putin began deliberately bombing civilians. That is the red line crossed by Milosevic and Gaddafi. Then we intervened, why not now? ».

We would have gone to war with Russia …
“And aren’t we there already?”


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