‘Now you are a free man’

Always ready to expose himself regarding issues related to inclusiveness, Harry Styles he didn’t deny himself this time either: the ex-One Direction really went big last night during his last concert at Wembley, helping a fan present at the stadium to come out in front of thousands of people.

Recently appeared in the first trailer of My Policeman, Styles noticed during his live a billboard that read: “From Ono To Wembley: Help Me To Come Out“exhibited by an Italian fan named Mattia: a request that the singer and actor accepted without too much hesitation, giving life to a moving and ironic” ceremony “.

Would you like the people of Wembley to help you?“Styles asked his fan just before retrieving a rainbow flag:”When this flag is over my head you will be officially gay, my boy. I believe it works like this“The Eternals and Dunkirk star joked. Styles then went on, raising the flag to the sky:”You are a free man now“.

A gesture that moved all the fans present at Wembley, but also by all social users ready, in the following hours, to share the video of the event. Speaking of private matters, meanwhile: Harry Styles is continuing to dodge questions about his alleged relationship with Olivia Wilde.

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