now you are forbidden to withdraw on a specific day of the week, if you get it wrong it’s a sting

Many things are changing at the ATM and it is good for Italians to keep in mind all the news.

But there also comes a day in which you must not withdraw. Let’s try to understand what is happening. Unfortunately the ATMs become more expensive.


In fact, from the autumn there will be a commission of even one euro and 50 cents for all withdrawals made at the ATMs of a bank other than your own.

Sting and tax

It was the company itself ATM Spa to make this request to the guarantor authority in order to earn more money.


So for ATM users a little tired arrives but unfortunately the biggest stings are others. So from October the commission increases when withdrawing from another bank’s ATM but now we must also be careful with the tax authorities. In fact, thanks to the so-called super registry of current accounts, the taxman monitors all the activities that Italians do at ATM. So if an Italian family withdraws too little at the ATM, it can be a clear signal for the taxman that has black income not declared to the public administration.

When not to withdraw

But even if the family takes too much it may seem that he has a standard of living that is disproportionate to what he declares. But now there is also a day when banks strongly advise against withdrawing. Let’s see why: gangs of scammers are hiding in the ATMs of the devices remotely controlled capable of locking the user’s card. Then the user goes to make a normal withdrawal but finds himself with the card blocked. He will think it is a technical mistake of the ATM but but if this operation takes place during the weekend you will have to wait until Monday to be able to regain possession of your card.

How to defend yourself from the scam

But as soon as the user steps away from the ATM, the scammers will be able to unlock the card and use it as they please. This is why the banks are advising against withdrawing on the weekend. But it is also important to be careful to look closely at ATMs. In fact, scammers often manage to hide tiny micro-cameras to spy on the PIN code. So if the ATM appears to be tampered with, it is important to avoid it.

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