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World of Warcraft Classic

Had enough of the plain old vanilla questing experience with boring questlines? Need help putting closure on that 5-man elite quest you never seem to be able to find the party for? Then order yourself WoW Classic Powerleveling from our shop and watch those problems vanish in a blink of an eye! Unless you’re one of those few people who consider this service to be an anathema to the Classic gameplay experience. In that case, we’ve got a few thoughts to share with you.

Let’s be honest for a moment. The whole idea of “reliving the Vanilla experience” was doomed from the start because the base game relies heavily on the grind and outdated mechanics and other archaic features. The challenge comes entirely from the game and not the player. Sure, relieving some aspects might be quite breathtaking, especially some questlines, like the ones given out by Nathanos. But not every piece of leveling content is worth such praise. 

Leveling in Vanilla is challenging for all the wrong reasons. It is incredibly time-consuming, requiring around 170 hours spent in-game on average to reach level 60 with a single character. You will end up spending most of that time on such “fun” and “engaging” activities like: waiting for your turn to tag a mob, deciphering cryptic quest texts, and searching for folks to help you out with quests you would’ve easily solo’ed on Live servers. 

People seem to forget that even using addons and guides is considered to be “Power play” as well. Ask yourself: are you truly ready to give up basic conveniences to create a challenge for yourself? 

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“Powerleveling” services found on our platform also include such options as improving your character’s weapon skills and leveling up professions. Any player who has already tasted Classic knows how problematic and vital those two aspects are. Skipping the former is not an option, and forgetting the latter will severely hinder your ability to amass gold and acquire items and gear! Maxing them out is bothersome enough for just one character, so go on and imagine how it feels to do all of that from scratch for your alts.

Not to mention that some classes have a severe advantage over others when it comes to leveling. Paladin players, Retribution ones specifically, know how painful and unrewarding their leveling process is compared to, let’s say, Mages.

To sum it up: this whole service is about convenience. Doesn’t droning through the same quests on your alts in order to unlock something as mandatory as access to dungeons sound similar to how players have to complete War Campaign? It does to us! The only difference is that War Campaign unlocks vital pieces of content, while most things in Classic will fade away as soon as you out level them. 

In any case, you don’t have to agree with us on everything said here. Just remember that, but in case you ever need a bit of help- we’ve got your back! Be sure to visit and discover more ways to enhance your World of Warcraft Classic gaming experience! We’ve got professionals ready to help you with any game aspect and even take on custom requests any day of the week.

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