“Nuclear attack”, when the Apocalypse – Libero Quotidiano is triggered

“Our electoral campaign is affected by this tense international climate”: Alessandro Orsiniguest of Bianca Berlinguer a White paper on Rai 3, he talked about the war in Ukraine and its repercussions on our country, called to vote in four days. “Russia must not interfere in the Italian electoral campaign, but Joe Biden is not joking either“, pointed out the essayist.

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According to the host of the Rai talk, in short, if Putin is making mistakes, it cannot be said that Biden is blameless: “The US president is making a mistake, intervening with threats, both said and unspoken“Orsini also commented on the latest developments in the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, with particular reference to the speech on the annexation of some Ukrainian territories, the farce referendum in the Donbass.

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And then, speaking of the referendums held by Russia for possible annexation, the essayist and scholar commented: “The annexation of the Ukrainian regions to Russia would justify the possible use of the nuclear weaponwhich by virtue of the Russian defense doctrine can be used in the event that the national territory is attacked “. An eventuality that does not let you sleep peacefully, in short. Orsini, as reported by AdnKronoshe commented: “Vladimir Putin, placed in a desperate condition, would seriously consider the hypothesis of resorting to nuclear weapons and Biden’s last words confirm this. Russia, from the available documentation, is considering the possibility of using the nuclear weapon against NATO since 1999. It is willing to escalate. Referendums are a message addressed to Germany, France, Italy. Putin must not scare Ukraine “, Orsini concludes.

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