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There is also the prophecy about 2023 among the many forecasts left by Baba Vanga. The seer, who has already predicted the collapse of the twin towers and for this reason considered like Nostradamus, died at the age of 84. Her death can be traced back to 26 years ago, after the old woman from the Balkans was left blind. The reason? The woman of Macedonian origin had said that she was sucked into a tornado and with the loss of sight that she had developed visionary skills, thus becoming a real legend.

Nostradamus, an announced catastrophe: 2022, that's why the worst must come

Here then are his predictions for the year to come. There are five in all. Between these the change of the earth’s orbit. What it refers to is not specified, but if it were to be the Earth’s orbit at that point the consequences could be more serious. For example, the increasingly higher temperatures with the melting of the ice and therefore total chaos.

A great 7-month war, deaths and wickedness: When it begins, the prophecy of Nostradamus: we are doomed

And again, another prediction always attributed to the Macedonian seer is that of solar storm. An event that would be of a scale never seen before. Solar storms are in fact bursts of energy from the sun that send electrical charges, magnetic fields and radiation towards the Earth. They can be as powerful as billions of nuclear bombs.

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