“Nuclear medicine closes by bridge”, is confrontation

The complaint comes from the municipal councilor of L’Aquila Lorenzo Rotellini

“I was told that atSan Salvatore hospital circulates a sign announcing closing of the Uoc of Nuclear Medicine by bridge. They point out that the signs are without signature and authorization from the health management ”.

The complaint comes from the municipal councilor of L’Aquila Lorenzo Rotellini.

“Having said that, when the opposition in the Municipality and in the Region tries to establish a dialogue on the condition of health in this area, everything is silenced. The time has come to ask for answers from those who have been administering the Region and the Municipality for years and why less and less investment is being made in L’Aquila healthcare compared to the other Abruzzo capitals, it is not a question of parochialism ”, continues Rotellini.

“The hospital is confronted with difficulties and shortcomings due to the responsibility of Marsilio and Company, such as: very long waiting lists. Those who can afford it benefit from private healthcareshortage of personnel “.

“For the Covid emergency, the ASLs were assigned 58 million euros in Pescara, 48 million euros in Teramo, 48 million euros in Chieti and only 19 million euros in L’Aquila. From the health fund instead Pescara 23 million, Teramo 25 million, Chieti 13 million, L’Aquila one million. All this forces us to save only, from the point of view of structures, machinery and personnel ”.

And he concludes: “during the pandemic the Covid Hospital in Pescaranever used entirely but which will serve to create a Level II DEA which most likely will not be up to us and the region forgets L’Aquila of the 410 million for healthcare construction. All this happens in the silence of the senator Guido Liris, regional councilor Imprudent Emanuele and the mayor Pierluigi Biondi. Will someone have to give the answers or is it always the fault of ‘who was there before’? “

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