Number of villages evacuated due to fire in Kanakkale rises to nine

canakkale fire

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Intensive response to the wildfire continues in Kanakkale. nine As a precautionary measure, 1,251 people were evacuated from the village. The Dardanelles Strait is closed to bilateral shipping traffic. According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 83 people were affected by the fire.

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Ibrahim Yumakli said in his press statement in the morning that air response vehicles continue to land in the water and that the Dardanelles Strait has been closed to ship traffic in both directions to avoid any risk.

Minister Yumakali said that the Kan-Kanakkale road is also closed. Stressing on the humidity and wind parameters, Yumakli said that this contributed to the progress of the fire.

Yumakali said particulate matter from the burning in Kanakkale was sometimes carried up to 3 km and he expected the wind speed to increase in the afternoon.

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