Numerological 7 – what is its nature and purpose?

What does Seven mean in numerology? Get to know your numerology portrait and see what the numbers say about you.

To find out what number is assigned to your date of birth, add up all the numbers that make up your date of birth. For example, a person born on 10/14/1990 is an astrological Seven: 1 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7. When summing up, pay close attention to numbers such as 11, 22 and 33 – they are not reduced, they are championship numbers.

Once you know what number has been assigned to you, you can find out your characteristics and even find out with whom you will create a successful relationship – thanks to partner numerology you will learn the numbers with which you have the best chance of building a happy relationship.

Spirituality, intellect, secret – these are the associations that the number 7 brings to mind. It symbolizes philosophy and wisdom, is associated with existential contemplation and mystery. The real Seven is always looking – not only for answers to the questions that bother her, but also for herself.

The importance of the number 7 in antiquity was associated with magic – the focus of the Sevens on spirituality was even associated with parapsychological skills. To this day, the Sevens are perceived as eccentric, original people who hide many secrets.

In the astrological tarot 7, he is associated with the Chariot, which brings to mind a momentum for change and progress, which perfectly corresponds to the unpredictable Seven. Due to her intellect, the Sevens often work as scientists – they are the ones who set the course of civilization and are responsible for the development of science.

Numerological Seven asks many questions about spiritual and existential issues. She undermines the obvious, penetrates and analyzes – she is very inquisitive and unclear answers are not enough for her.

The tendency to reflect, as well as the ability to observe and draw conclusions, is associated with a great intelligence, which undoubtedly characterizes the Siódemka. She is sometimes perceived by the environment as a conceited and unpleasant person – but this is only the first impression. It can, however, make it difficult for the Seven to find each other in company and make friends.

The Seven is self-centered. It has to do with her pursuit of perfectionism – she wants to be perfect and works on herself. Unfortunately, sometimes at the expense of other people.

She is calm every day. Its dreamy nature, combined with its eccentricity, means that the Seven is not always accepted in the company.

The advantages of the Siódemka: spirituality, logic, dreamy, intuition, perceptiveness, ambition, observation skills, independence, intellect, analytical mind, goodness.

Disadvantages of the Seven: selfishness, melancholy, loneliness, pessimism, coldness, hostility, conceit.

Numerological 7 has a unique intuition. The woman, who is in the vibration of this number, spends a lot of time and attention on observing other people, trying to understand and decode them. She tries to explore each personality, which may turn out to be tiring for her loved ones. It is difficult to keep any secrets from her – she easily detects a lie.

The shy Seven may struggle with loneliness. Original and eccentric, she will blame herself for not being successful in a relationship – low self-esteem can become a barrier to networking.

However, the Seven is really sensitive and needs tenderness and understanding. He values ​​honesty and sincerity – he is direct, which makes contacts much easier and allows you to quickly resolve conflicts. With a person similar to her disposition, she will create a happy relationship.

Famous women of the Seven: Princess Diana, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Marylin Monroe

A man, who is a numerological Seven, may be perceived by those around him as cold and withdrawn. Sevens like to spend time alone and need a break from other people – also from their loved ones. Therefore, the relationship with the Seven can be a challenge for emotional people who care about frequent and close contact.

Due to their originality, sense of style and composure, Sevens are often attractive. They can charm and turn out great on the first date, but due to the fear of rejection, they will give up subsequent meetings. Dating the Seven is a real roller coaster, but if you can establish a real relationship with the Seven, you won’t regret it.

However, watch out for the Sevens’ tendency to take offense. In relations with a man with a Seven vibration, it is worth focusing on directness – games can discourage him.

Famous Men of the Seven: Johnny Depp, Bruce Lee, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Fryderyk Nietzsche, Voltaire.

Seven care about the respect and recognition of other people. Therefore, she will scrupulously perform her duties and try to be the best possible. She works conscientiously and reliably, does not take shortcuts and is not afraid of hard work.

Thanks to her perfectionism, she avoids situations in which she could be criticized – she is unable to deal with unflattering comments.

Due to the pursuit of perfectionism, Siódemka’s contacts with colleagues may not be easy. Importantly, however, Siódemka does not strive for success at all costs – it is often sensitive and empathetic.

Her intuition makes Siódemka perfect for legal and technical professions. It is easy to learn new things, so there is no hassle in acquiring new skills. Due to her sensitivity and interest in spirituality, I also often decide to link my future with art. He can also achieve success in this field.

The symbolism of the number 7 strongly oscillates around individualism, so it is no wonder that the weaker side of the Seven are group tasks. Under pressure from the environment, Siódemka is unable to analyze the problem in depth and calmly choose a solution, which irritates her. She works much better alone, in a group she can seem cocky.

Contrary to appearances, Siódemka is struggling with numerous complexes. He focuses on himself to fight them and strives for perfectionism at all costs. Therefore, she absolutely needs attention, tenderness and understanding from her partner – she takes criticism to heart, and quarrels have an extremely negative impact on her.

The Seven may have a tendency to fall into melancholy, and in exceptional situations may behave self-destructively – the relationship with them is not the easiest one. Especially since the Sevens often isolate themselves and tend to be cold.

All this makes it difficult for the Seven to find love. She spends a lot of time thinking alone – she is comfortable with herself. She may seem like she doesn’t need anyone – but the truth is, deep down, she longs to find someone who will fully accept her. The introverted Siódemka will find a thread of understanding with other loners – not the parties and the crowd for her. She draws energy from loneliness, and the excess of stimuli definitely tires her. A person who wants to be associated with the Seven must be aware of this. Persuading the Seven to go out more often and interact with other people is unlikely to work.

For Siódemka, work and professional success are not without significance. This connects the Seven with the Number Four – both are ambitious and focused on improvement. The similarity between them can become the basis of a successful relationship.

People who understand the need for distance and loneliness are certainly suitable for Siódemki. A numerological 6 who enjoys always taking care of others can become overwhelming. The relationship with the numerological 8, which tends to dominate and control, may look similar.

The Seven will truly blossom with another Seven – no one else will understand that well, and both will respect their need for solitude. The Siódemka can also create a successful relationship with Piątek, who also values ​​freedom and freedom, and with the One, from whom he can learn a lot.

This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to build relationships with others – however, it will involve numerous compromises and challenges, which not everyone may be ready for.

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