Nutritionist’s Day: Health Department Rolls Out Food-Focused Activities – Rio de Janeiro City Hall

Nutritionist Valeska Scofano Promotes Group Education Activities – Edu Kaps/Rio City Hall

Conversation circles about food myths, healthy food cooking workshops and daily life planning are some of the weekly activities promoted by primary care units to encourage good eating habits. This practice goes beyond the office and is articulated by nutritionists working at Extended Family Health Centers (NASF), family clinics and municipal health centers. This Thursday (August 31st) is Dietitian’s Day, and expert guidance from the municipal network highlights how the habit of maintaining a balanced diet impacts quality of life. Masu. A balanced diet not only improves immunity, mood, sleep, mood and focus, but also reduces anxiety and prevents diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and hypertension.

A playful activity that shows the salt and sugar content of food

Nutritionist Valeska Scofano is part of the NASF that supports three medical units in the city’s North Zone, but her work goes beyond the office. The expert promotes weekly group educational activities to impart knowledge and correct eating habits at the Clinic da Familia deputado Pedro Fernández Filho and at the municipal health centers Ariz Toledo Tibiliza and Carlos Cruz Lima. It offers.

For Valeska, creativity is how she attracts people to her projects. She solves food questions in a game of “myth or truth” using playful signs and posters showing the salt and sugar content of food. She prepares healthy recipes with patrons and does many other activities that she has planned with groups that gather about 30 people each week in each unit. Meetings with Valesca on healthy eating will take place on Monday at CMS Carlos Cruz Lima and on Thursday at CF Deptado Pedro Fernández Filho and CMS Ariz Toledo Tibiliza.

Last Thursday (August 24), Valeska explained how to eat well at a meeting with CF Deptado Pedro Fernández Filho and CMS Aris Toledo Tibiliza users at the sports court in Iraja. did. The main foods to avoid are fried foods, foods containing a lot of sugar such as sweets and soft drinks, and foods containing a lot of salt such as sausages and sausages, instant seasonings, and instant noodles. For balance, vegetables such as watercress and cabbage, fruits, greens, and legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas should be added to your diet.

– Contrary to what many people think, we are not only made up of what we eat. We are formed by what we eat, digest and absorb. And a more natural diet allows for better digestion and absorption of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. Nutritionists said it is these nutrients that allow the body to perform its activities efficiently.

79-year-old Dona Maria da Piedade Campo enjoyed and learned a lot from the activities led by her nutritionist at CF Deptado Pedro Fernandez Filho.

– We learn with her in a different way. I am also learning to come here to do physical activity and benefit from good food. It’s a complete package – explained a retiree who also participates in the Academia Carioca program. She and her friend Astrogilda Vieira, 84, took home all the information leaflets for nutritionists.

Examples of how to handle food within each income range

Nutritionist Mariana Robin, still in the North Zone, is also making a difference to patrons at the Elivaldo Fernández Nobrega and Isabel dos Santos family clinics, with bi-weekly activities every other Tuesday at each of the two clinics. It is carried out. Whether in the office or special group activities, Mariana talks about how to keep food within each person’s income. The group that CF Erivardo Fernández Nobrega holds fortnightly meetings in Mayer has been named Kamel Alegre. At the meeting on August 28, a tasting was also conducted by the participants. The theme of the day was fermented foods, and at the end of the meeting, we were able to sample natural fermented foods that Mariana, a nutritionist, had prepared in advance, which takes several days to complete. Gingerbread soda, cabbage sauerkraut and kefir yogurt captivated the taste buds of about 30 people gathered at the Center for Culture and Ideas within the Health Unit.

– I strive to provide guidance to the extent possible for each person and family. Mariana explained that the guidelines are based on the realities people live, starting with food, income and accessibility to parts of each person’s culture.

Activities and topics covered vary. Participants themselves choose what they want the nutritionist to work on as a theme and what they want to make. Mariana has already adapted many natural recipes and made them with her group, including herbal salts, ricotta cheese and veggie drinks.


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