Obajtek: Everything is possible when it comes to the merger between Orlen and Lotos

– Anything can happen. This is a business related to energy security. The decision also lies with our partners, who asked us for additional time to obtain corporate approvals, “President Obajtek told reporters.

– We are closer to the merger than further. Most of the issues have already been agreed, including the issues I had the most concerns about, i.e. the structure of the transaction, the consent of the General Lotos to the separation of assets and arrangements with the social side. The European Commission would not have agreed to extend the deadline if it had not assessed that we are already very advanced in the talks, he added.

President Obajtek said talks are being held with more than two partners.

In mid-November, the European Commission postponed the implementation of remedial measures for the merger of PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos until January 14, 2022. According to the company, the complexity of the process, with a very demanding macro environment, requires additional time for negotiations with partners. Previously, the deadline for implementing remedial measures was November 14.

PKN Orlen is looking at many directions when it comes to potential acquisitions, not only Romania, said Orlen’s CEO, Daniel Obajtek. However, he did not confirm that the concern is conducting due diligence of the Romanian company Rompetrol.

– The normal thing is that we look at different assets. In no case will I confirm that it is only Romania, we are looking in many directions – said President Daniel Obajtek during Wednesday’s meeting with journalists.

The CEO has not confirmed the unofficial information from Polityka Insight that Orlen is conducting due diligence of the Romanian company Rompetrol, which owns two refineries in Romania and about 1.2 thousand. petrol stations in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.

“There is no ongoing research and no decisions have been made,” he said.


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