Obajtek: The fusion of Orlen and Lotos should take place 30 years ago. The state had two companies that played out

According to the decisions announced on Wednesday, Saudi Aramco will buy 30 percent. shares in the Lotos refinery, Hungarian MOL – 417 Lotos service stations, and Unimot – fuel depots. Orlen emphasized that in this way it fulfills the conditions of the European Commission for the takeover of Lotos.

– This merger was necessary [Orlenu z Lotosem]. This fusion should have happened 30 years ago. It is not serious for the state to have two companies that buy oil separately that just play out

– said Daniel Obajtek, president of PKN Orlen, on the Polish Radio today.

Obajtek responded to the accusations of some opposition politicians who accused of “selling out” Polish companies.

– We are building a multi-energy concern, we buy Polish companies, we connect them to a Polish company, where is the sale visible here? – asked the president of Orlen.

Janusz Lewandowski, responsible for the Mass Privatization Program in the early 1990s, on Twitter criticized Orlen’s actions, which he called “the dissolution of Lotos”.

– Mr [Janusz] Lewandowski is the last person who should comment on any topic at all. And he also calls this process privatization, which is not privatization. We connect Orlen, PGNiG, to Orlen on the basis of a merger by acquisition, i.e. we are increasing our share in the Polish concern. Mr. Lewandowski scares the Russians, and where was he in 2011, when his boss Donald Tusk practically wanted, where he made it clear that he did not see anything wrong by actually selling Lotos, even to Russians, where there were also talks about the sale of the Mazeikiu refinery. What would the fuel price be now, what would be the impact on any security? – said Obajtek.

Let him stop telling this nonsense, because a refinery such as Lotos has no chance in itself. 30 refineries closed in 13 years in Europe – these are the facts. The refineries operate at 75 percent. possibilities. There is an excess of fuel – these are facts. Such refineries must be converted into petrochemical refineries. Saudi Arabia has this technology, 15 percent. We can convert crude oil from refineries into petrochemicals, the Saudis already have patents and solutions

– added.

Source: Polish Radio, 300polityka.pl, niezalezna.pl

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