Obajtek: The government’s decision will allow fuel prices to be reduced to PLN 5 per liter

A very good decision of the government will allow the fuel prices to be reduced to PLN 5 per liter, argues the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced today that VAT on fuels will be reduced from 23 percent. up to 8 percent

The head of government in a conversation with Interia announced “Anti-Inflation Shield 2.0”to be announced next week. A very important decision there will be another tax cut. I have decided to lower the VAT rate on fuel from 23 percent. to 8 percent, which will translate into a reduction in the price of a liter of gasoline and diesel at the station from 60 to 70 groszy. The price should drop to around PLN 5. Remember that at the beginning of December 2021, a liter cost over PLN 6. First there was the first move, the price dropped, as announced, to around PLN 5.70, and now we will lower it by another 60-70 groszy – said the prime minister.

A very good decision of the government to lower the VAT on fuels will allow the prices to be reduced to approx. PLN 5 / l. At PKN Orlen, we are also effectively striving to stabilize prices. It is possible thanks to the purchase of CO2 emission rights. In 2019/2020, we bought 19 million rights for EUR 23-24, today they cost around EUR 85 – wrote the president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek on Twitter.

This is yet another anti-inflationary shield aimed at fuel prices. Earlier, the government lowered the excise tax and the emission tax, and introduced changes to the retail tax. All this to keep the prices below PLN 6 per liter.

The government’s actions are aimed at easing the current rise in inflation. Yeah in December it was 8.6 percent. The increase in fuel prices is particularly acute – a quick estimate shows that we are paying 32.9 percent for them. more than a year ago. This is the result of the more expensive oil on the markets, but also of the increase in the prices of CO2 emission certificates.

According to experts, anti-inflationary shields may have the opposite effect over time. The current slackening of price increases for some products may lead to faster prices of other goods and services. After the return of the “old” taxes, we may find ourselves in a paradoxically worse situation.

The National Bank of Poland estimates that the average inflation in 2022 will be 5%, with a peak in the middle of the year. President Adam Glapiński announced that this peak would be above 8%, but this level was already exceeded in January.

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