Observe changes in your body after you stop drinking

Quitting alcohol is one of the recommendations experts give to improve your health. Even if consumed in moderate amounts, it can cause damage to different organs in the body.

“The amount of alcohol required to cause damage not only to the liver but also to other organs does not necessarily require a person to be drunk. “Women should not drink more than two drinks a day, which is about 25 grams, and men should not drink more than four drinks a day. “. Claudia Isabel Blanco Candles | Gastroenterologist

There are both short-term and long-term benefits to quitting drinking. Help you get a more restful sleep.

“By stopping drinking, the quality of sleep improves and the amount of energy a person can feel is much greater. Of course, the benefits are much greater for those who drink heavily and may even be experiencing a deficit.” Related to Use and Abuse nutritional disorders”. Claudia Isabel Blanco Candles | Gastroenterologist

Memory will improve, as alcohol can also cause cognitive impairment.

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“Obviously, we’re going to get rid of this cognitive degradation and instead of forgetting things, we’re going to be able to focus better and we’re going to improve the memory part as well”. Marisol Zarinyana | Clinical Psychologist, Neck Gaiter Systems

Most alcoholic beverages have little or no nutritional value, but they do contain calories that can add up quickly.

“Alcohol, arguably the second most energy-dense nutrient after fat, is not only beneficial or a bit stimulating to appetite, so it can be said to stimulate appetite and weight gain if we don’t consume the right amount of alcohol. To this we add that alcohol also reduces the oxidation of fatty acids, so more fat is stored, mainly around the waist.”. Claudia Isabel Blanco Candles | Gastroenterologist

For men, their sex lives improved.

“For men, alcoholism can lead to sexual problems, which can be greatly improved”. Marisol Zarinyana | Clinical Psychologist, Neck Gaiter Systems

Good for the liver, pancreas, heart, esophagus, and the entire body, there is no need to suffer from alcoholism in order to avoid drinking.

“There are 2.5 million deaths in the world that can be attributed to alcohol consumption, and I’m not just talking about chronic liver disease, but the damage alcohol does to other organs, as I mentioned, the risk of cancer, esophageal disease, breast cancer risk, obesity risk associated with drinking alcohol”. Claudia Isabel Blanco Candles | Gastroenterologist

Knowing and accepting that you have a drinking problem is not easy; family support networks and physical and mental health professionals can help you avoid drinking.

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