‘Ocean’s Eleven’ director refuses to return to George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s $1.4 billion franchise

In 1989, his new project attracted attention Sex, lies and videotapes, Steven Soderbergh is steadily making his way into the entertainment industry.The Oscar-winning filmmaker has since made films such as transportation and Erin Brockovich. Additionally, he directed films with George Clooney and Brad Pitt ocean 11 Franchise.

Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh

However, in a recent report, when asked about his plans to direct the Margot Robbie-produced prequel ocean 11and George Clooney planned a sequel, but Steven Soderbergh expressed no interest. Soderbergh admitted he won’t be returning to direct a movie as he opened up about where the series will end after the third installment.

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George Clooney has a plan Ocean’s Eleven sequel

After starring in “Danny Ocean” ocean 11 Starring in the installment alongside Hollywood A-listers including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, George Clooney hinted at another meeting between the stars.during an interview Uprox, Clooney talked about possibly reprising his role in another movie.

ocean 11
ocean 11

We have a really good script for Another Ocean right now, so we might end up doing another one.This is actually a great script“.

George Clooney has clarified that this will be a sequel in which he plays an older, grey-haired Danny Ocean, saying the film may look slightly different from the first trilogy. I mean, the idea is kind of like “Going In Style”” the actor shared. Additionally, Clooney’s sequel story takes place after Margot Robbie produced ocean Prequel.

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George Clooney plans to reunite with Ocean's Eleven team
george clooney plans with ocean 11 team

according to community commercial bankthis ocean The prequel, written by Kelly Solomon, will be directed by Jay Wright. There are reports that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling will play Danny Ocean’s parents. Additionally, the report states that the prequel story will show Robbie and Gosling’s characters teaching Danny and his sister Debbie the art of stealing from wealthy people.

Steven Soderbergh Won’t Return for $1.4B Franchise

The following reports on George Clooney’s sequel and Margot Robbie’s prequel ocean Director Steven Soderbergh, who is associated with the OG $1.4B franchise, was asked what he thought.talk with typethe filmmakers have thus talked about reports of potential prequel and sequel stories.

Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven series
Steven Soderbergh refuses to return to competition ocean franchise

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Steven Soderbergh says he’s no longer interested in movies as he talks about how he seamlessly transitioned from heist films to comedies and then from historical epics to legal dramas. ocean Franchise. Soderbergh acknowledged that the films ended after the third installment, and therefore claimed that he had no interest in further prequels and sequels.

After we made the third movie, I felt like the series was over for me. When the studio approached me and asked if I would be involved in continuing the series, I told them no because it didn’t feel like a step forward for me.I’m chasing something else“.

Steven Soderbergh
For Soderbergh, ocean The franchise ends after the third period

Steven Soderbergh breaks his heart as he confirms to fans that he won’t be returning to the $1.4B franchise. But at the same time, he also confirmed that his fans may get to see some exciting stuff from the director as he pursues better things. With Soderbergh confirming his exit, George Clooney and his team are optimistic about a reunion, although it’s unclear what impact it will have on the film.

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