Odyssey in the cold wind of five in the morning

“There lasts a wind that I remember on” Quasimodo wrote in “Strada di Agrigentum”, the same one who probably swept the plateau of the temple of Concordia on the west side this morning at 5.30, where Sebastiano Lo Monaco once again chose pugnacious and pagan theatrical stuff.

Yesterday the Iliad today the Odyssey fictionalized by the archaeologist Massimo Manfredi and here adapted by Francesco Nicolini. Interpreters with Lo Monaco, Turi Moricca, Barbara Capucci, Tommaso Garrò, Gaetano Tizzano. Original music by Dario Arcidiacono.

We have always said to ourselves that life is an odyssey, which is the art of encountering ourselves and with the freedom to become what we have inside.

And this time the Archaeological Park guesses us in proposing other ties, other adventures, other loves and reflections that should be good for young people who, not by chance, have crowded and crouched on the slabs of rock of the esplanade. Not many in comparison with other years, the sudden rains and the weather alert will have convinced us to stay at home and postpone to the dawns that will be repeated on 13-19-20-21-27-28. August.

And while cinema, jazz music and books are booming, the recall on the stage of “I Malavoglia” at the Teatro di Giunone failed instead with many spectators who left the theater at the first break. An unavoidable signal that gives reason to Piero Isgrò who in the last Taobuk, had courageously pigeonholed Verga’s novel between the “cancel culture”, Given that, according to him, it harmfully increased that sense of Sicilian resignation that has hanged us at the bottom of the charts for decades.

And this could be an aspect on which the “brain-trust” that governs the events of the Park should rethink, moderating downward the mythological flood that inevitably falls on the archaeological sites. Craved by VIPs and paid as a luxury escort, the sites could have other cultural connotations without displeasing Madonna, Mark Ruffalo, Jessica Alba (who has chosen our valley) and the tycoon Arnault who has chosen Taormina.

And in our opinion, it would not be a good performance to assert (as has been written) that the ocean-like concertoni compensate us for abandonment or worse shorten the North-South gap. Let me be clear, until now he has always paid the Southerner “Pantalone”.

Precisely for this reason in the panorama of current decadence that pushes many politicians, (atheists and leftists), to trust the words of Pope Bergoglio, it would not hurt a good drama about “multiplication of the loaves and fishes “, or “Wedding at Cana” right in front of that temple of Concordia which decades ago was transformed into a Christian temple and which just two years ago, for the first time, hosted the “political theater “ by Gaetano Aronica and Giovanni Volpe.

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