of 13 reasons why of Calvin Klein and close friend of Kaia Gerber

While Esther Expósito and Úrsula Corberó have been able to see how their roles in some of the most popular series of the platform have been erected as the girls of the moment, the same thing happens also with male actors.

Calvin Klein it has become the signature that the better eye has to transform the protagonists of the series actors, and after doing so with the series ‘Euphoria’, Jacob Elordiwhat now with the who plays the nerd of ‘13 reasons why’, Tommy Dorfman. “Confess that I am not binary it has been a long journey for me. Since a child I have thought that I identified more with girls. When I went through puberty, I felt more comfortable with the masculine identity”, she explains in a video from Calvin Klein.

The actor is one of the faces chosen to celebrate Pride this year, and has done so high for everything to be his image is the one that now watches over the streets of New York with some of titanic dimensions. Tommy is also the model of the campaign of the Pride of UGG and one of the faces most recognized of visibility LGTBIQ of the industry.

The profile of the actor is full of snapshots with his intimate friend, who is none other than Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford. Is not his only intimate ‘daughter of’, as Margaret Qualleythe daughter of Andie MacDowell, is another of those that form part of your fun group of friends. During the quarantine has spent a large part of the running of the bulls next to Kaia, with which has also made a direct Instagram to raise funds for an organization in new york that helps homeless people LGTBIQ.

During the direct, they did a fun karaoke, one of the favorite activities of the friends. Don’t lose sight of Tommy Dorfman, because without a doubt it is going to become one of the darlings of the fashion industry.

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