OFFICIAL: Here is the new Monza center forward. Andrea Petagna arrives from Naples


Andrea Petagna is a new Monza player. The attacker arrives from Naples on a temporary annual basis, with the obligation of redemption upon the occurrence of certain conditions.

Born in Trieste on 30 June 1995, at the age of 13 he joined the youth sector of Milan.

His ascent to the Rossoneri starts from the Scudetto won with the Giovanissimi in 2010 and reaches his debut in the first team in the Champions League at the age of 17, on 4 December 2012, in the home match against Zenit St. Petersburg. At the beginning of the following season he made his Serie A debut in Hellas Verona-Milan on 24 August 2013, before the spell on loan at Sampdoria. Back in Milan in January, he collects two more appearances in Serie A, confirming himself as one of the most promising young people in Italian football. After his experiences in Serie B with Latina, Vicenza and Ascoli, his adventure with Atalanta begins in the summer of 2016. His definitive maturity arrives in the Nerazzurri: among the protagonists of the fourth place centered in the 2016-17 season, which brings the Bergamo players back to Europe after 26 years, he collects 75 appearances and 11 goals in all competitions.

He also made his debut in the national team in the friendly against the Netherlands on 28 March 2017.

In the summer of 2018 he moved to Spal, where in the first season he further improved his performance in Serie A, scoring 16 goals. In January 2020 he was bought by Napoli, but remained on loan until the end of the season at Spal, with whom he made a total of 29 goals in 74 games. The Neapolitan experience lasted two seasons, in which despite a lot of competition, he played 50 games in Serie A scoring 7 goals and took the field 13 times in the Europa League.

After the last championship ended in third place with the Azzurri thanks also to his contribution in attack, Petagna now arrives at Monza, finding Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani after his years at Milan.

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