Officials can gain even several thousand. from the appendix. “Another award, only under a different name”

The incentive supplement was introduced along with the amendment to the Act of 19 November 2020 on special solutions for the implementation of the budget act for 2021. As we read in Art. 46a, this year employees of the state budget sphere, with the exception of persons holding state managerial positions, may be granted special incentives from the additional incentive fund created for this purpose in the units in the amount of 6 percent. planned personal remuneration and salaries for 2021.

The provision assumes that special incentive bonuses are discretionary and are granted in particular for high commitment to work, effective implementation of tasks and high quality of work. The allowances may also be paid retroactively, i.e. from September 2021.

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Money (illustrative photo)Average salary up. A peculiar change in employment data

Expert: Need to reform the system of remuneration of officials

In offices where trade unions operate, negotiations on the allocation of the incentive supplement are underway. The Director General should provide them with a proposal of how and criteria for granting this benefit. “We demand that everyone receive 50 percent of the 6 percent, and the rest of the officials by position, starting from managers, mid-level and auxiliary. The directors should be left out of the distribution of this money, because they earn well anyway,” said Robert Barabasz. chairman of the NSZZ “Solidarność” in the Łódź Voivodeship Office for “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

According to the expert, in offices where there are no unions, “there will be full freedom”. “It can be considered that this is another award for officials only under a changed name” – assessed Dr. Jakub Szmit, an expert on public administration from the University of Gdańsk, in an interview with “DGP”. In his opinion, the system of remuneration of officials is blurring and its reform is needed. “The criteria should be specified for all offices in the act, because the mere provision that the allowance is paid for special achievements at work is not enough. That is why we have awards for that,” he added.

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The incentive will be paid to officials on a one-off basis?

In the opinion of Robert Barabasz, the incentive bonus should be paid on a one-off basis “so that officials feel, for example before Christmas, that they can count up to several thousand zlotys”. Dobrosław Dowiat Urbański, the head of the civil service, notes in an interview with “DGP” that the provisions do not prevent an official from receiving an incentive, an award and a task allowance at the same time.

“So it will be so absurd that for participating in a special team, the official will receive money from three titles and thus will earn at least a second salary” – says Jolanta Itrich-Drabarek from the University of Warsaw, former member of the Civil Service Council for “GDP”.

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