Offset melted Cardi B’s heart again! A sea of ​​flowers, a trip and a bizarre handbag

Does anyone remember that Cardi B filed her divorce papers in the fall? Because she’s definitely not! On the occasion of Valentine’s Offset, he took her to Mexico. Looks like their marriage is booming! In the latest photos, Cardi B showed fans how she spent Valentine’s Day. Offset really tried! When you see what bag (?) Cardi B has bought, you will be shocked!

Cardi B and Offset are one of the louder couples in show business. They break up at least several times during the year. There are other media reports about the rapper’s infidelity for a reason. Ultimately, however, they always manage to get along.

Yet Cardi B filed her divorce papers in the fall. Apparently that made her husband think. Since then, Offset tries his best to keep Cardi B with him. Just see what he came up with for Valentine’s Day.

Cardi B praises Offset for a romantic Valentine’s Day

A few days before the Valentine’s Day of love, Cardi B said the guy should be spending much more on Valentine’s Day. If he gives you flowers – give him grass. She advised her observers. Well … Offset deserves more than grass!

Offset and Cardi B flew to Mexico on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Their romantic scenery awaited them there. If the area wasn’t beautiful enough, there were plenty of flowers in the apartment! In addition, Offset organized a dinner and a photo session. Cardi B’s gift also deserves attention.

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Cardi B’s daughter put her makeup on. It’s good that all banquets are canceled!

It’s probably a purse. Certainly from the Channel and certainly for over 20,000. Cardi B did not fail to show the fans the tags …

Under one of the photos, Cardi B wrote:

Let’s make it last forever.

Do you think the topic of divorce is off the horizon for good?

You can see photos from Cardi B and Offset’s fabulous trip in the gallery below:

Cardi B is pole dancing! He hasn’t been a stripper for a long time, but he still remembers something! …

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