Okay, a mysterious interstellar object just crashed into Earth

An object called CNEOS 2014-01-08 crashed into the ocean off Papua New Guinea, it was 2014. A few years later its potentially interstellar origins were first recognized by then student Amir Siraj and professor of Harvard Avi Loeb.

Their claim now seems even more solid because US Space Force Chief Scientist Joel Mozer examined the classified data in question and “confirmed that the speed estimate reported to NASA is accurate enough to indicate a trajectory. interstellar”.

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If true then it would be the third known object of this type, after ‘Oumuamua and Borisov, and the first to ever arrive on Earth.

Now the idea is to try and recover it from the depths of the ocean. According to Siraj and Loeb it would be an enormously precious treasure. The first interstellar object we can get our hands on and whose nature we could accurately study. The two discoverers also want to make sure it is natural and not actually something artificial that has come from who knows where.

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