Okay, discover a Super-Earth even more habitable than Earth

Super-Earth is an extremely fascinating category for us, and the first reason is that it doesn’t exist in our solar system. This category of planet would be larger than Earth, but without reaching the size of Jupiter or Saturn and above all it would be a rocky and non-gaseous world.

Super-Earths usually orbit dwarf stars, colder and smaller than our Sun, but much longer-lived. It has been estimated that for every celestial body similar to ours there would be hundreds of these dimensions, so there would be billions of Super-Earths, becoming the most common exoplanet in our galaxy.

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But let’s get to the topic of “livability”, why would the Super-Earths be better from this point of view? We are used to thinking of the Earth as a paradise and as a very lucky little piece of rock. Ok, there it can be. But our world has been like this for a relatively limited period if we count that it is 4.5 billion years old. We are so lucky to be here and now.

A Super-Earth, according to scientists’ simulations, would be much more suitable for long-term habitability. It would have oceans low enough for light to stimulate life to the bottom of the sea and an average temperature of 25 degrees. It would have a denser atmosphere than Earth’s which would act as an insulating blanket. Finally, such a planet would orbit a star longer than the Sun to give longer development life as well as having a strong magnetic field that protects against cosmic radiation.

Scientists think these attributes combined make a planet “more perfect” than ours.

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