Okay, why are green meteorites falling on New Zealand?

Fireballs Aotearoa is an organization that, through the collaboration between scientists, universities and enthusiasts, seeks to recover newly fallen mateorites in New Zealand. Their phone has been ringing several times lately because according to reports many of these objects are falling from space and there is also one detail that strikes observers: they are green.

In reality it is not such an absurd event. Some of these asteroids contain nickel and iron and hit the atmosphere at speeds of up to 60 km per second. This releases a huge amount of heat very quickly and the vaporized iron and nickel radiate a light with this color.


Greg Price

Now Fireballs Aotearoa is working hard to strengthen its observation network to recover more and more of these space objects. Furthermore, with a camera system, the position of the meteor in the atmosphere can be defined within tens of meters. This not only helps find the rock, but reconstructs the pre-impact orbit, which in turn helps to understand which part of the solar system it came from.

Much cheaper than a space mission and to put into practice without leaving your window.

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