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Anyone who believed that the NFT phenomenon was deflating a bit will have to think again. The world of crypto art continues to fascinate and the latest name that has invested time and effort in a digital project certainly does not go unnoticed. Madonna (yes, she) joined forces with the forerunner of the NFT era, Beeplelaunching after a year of work “Mother of Creation“.

Mother of Creation ” it is a real triptych in NFT that from yesterday, May 11, and until tomorrow, May 13, it will be auctioned on the SuperRare platform. The entire work consists of three videos of 60 seconds each in which the theme of creation is addressed, starting from where the life of every human being begins, the vagina.

For each video was made a 3D scan of the Madonna herself which was positioned within three different environments: a city in destruction, a laboratory and a green oasis. In these three places the female figure who appears completely naked (apart from a pair of black heels in one of the videos) is captured in the moment of childbirth. But, instead of another human being, they come to light respectively butterflies, a tree covered with flowers and robotic millipedes.

Beeple translated Madonna’s vision of the world into 3D images, both as a mother and as an artist: it is as if the digital version of the singer we see in “Mother of Creation ” was the representation of the moment of creation not only of life, but also of art itself.

The works that make up the triptych are respectively called “Mother of Evolution“,”Mother of Nature” And “Mother of Technology”And were auctioned individually. The proceeds from the sale will then be donated to three different associations: the Voices of Children Foundation, the V-Day Foundation and the National Bail Out.

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