Old World dethroned by Spanish champions

Standing ovation for Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, accused of sexual assault. It’s a scene that sums up the old world that the new world football champions have been fighting against ever since their captain was forcibly kissed. If the task is difficult then its echo is so strong that the football world trembles.

On 28 August, the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation against Luis Rubiales into alleged “sexual harassment” after he forced a national team player to kiss him without consent.

The Spanish players are writing the history of women’s football, and not just because they have won the World Championship. We can also say that he has achieved a double feat: winning a title that was inaccessible to him till now, and destroying the old world of power. This Old World is named after Luis Rubiales, the current president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). He spoiled the excitement of the medal ceremony by kissing team captain Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth without her consent.

In one week, we watched the best and the worst in football history, left stunned. The worst: A man was accused of sexual harassment and yet received a standing ovation during RFEF’s extraordinary general meeting. condemning a “False Feminism” Who “Do not seek the truth”pointing a “attempted social murder”Rubiales accused Hermoso “Liar” And ends his long discussion with: “Oh my God, what would women who have actually experienced sexual harassment think”, The classic distraction technique, which involves choosing what the sexual assault is. In this case, their actions constitute such a crime under Spanish law.

What’s worse is that they get support from the Spanish Federation. According to So Foot, if Luis Rubiales was sacked for his actions, it would lead to the Spanish government threatening to leave European football’s governing body UEFA. Its effect will be such that Spanish clubs will rule themselves out of the European Cup. This shows what a wall the Spanish players are dealing with. But like in the final, he did not accept defeat.

resignation from the team

On Friday 25 August, 23 players announced that they would refuse to play with La Roja again if “Current leaders were retained”. “I felt unsafe and was the victim of an attack that was inappropriate and an impulsive and sexist act without any consent on my part.”Jennifer Hermoso said.

The following day, Saturday 26 August, six members of the team’s staff submitted their resignations, expressing their displeasure “Strong and unequivocal condemnation of Luis Rubiales’ behaviour”. There is an echo of the solidarity and fight of female players against sexual violence all over the world. Women’s soccer superstar American Megan Rapinoe gave her support, while her teammate Alex Morgan condemned it in a tweet: “Winning the World Cup should be one of the best moments of these players’ lives, but it has been overshadowed by the attacks, misogyny and failures of the Spanish federation”,

Many members of the government also extended their support to the player and demanded the resignation of the Federation President.

investigation and suspension

Finally, approval was received from the International Football Federation (FIFA). Thus FIFA decided to temporarily suspend Rubiales on 26 August. “Any activity related to football at national and international level”, The World Cup organizing body specifies that the suspension will last for at least 90 days. This Monday, August 28, the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation “sexual harassment” Estimate.

The game is not over yet. But the world champions have committed an unprecedented breach. However, circumstances were not in his favor. In 2022, he condemned the actions of his coach George Wilda, who was accused of lack of professionalism. Many FC Barcelona stars boycotted the World Cup. But Jorge Vilda had a huge support: Luis Rubiales himself. “As long as there are girls who want to wear the national team jersey, there will be a national team”Rubiales announced.

In the end, George Wilda himself let his president go. In a press release he wrote that he was sorry “It has been deeply revealed that the victory of Spanish women’s football was affected by the inappropriate behavior of Luis Rubiales, which he himself admitted.” An excellent change which shows that the powers that be have changed hands.

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