Olimpia Milano post Venice | Devon Hall’s sacrifice no longer pays dividends. But Pangos …

Olimpia Milano post Venice which brings with it the first Italian knockout and the inevitable aftermath of a double round of EuroLeague always lived in pursuit. With Venice, the comeback does not even risk going on the air.

The match

Which runs with the five triple series of Venice in the third quarter. Jayson Granger on the shields, in a partial that basically says only 23-18 for the hosts, but definitively frustrates the good Milanese start.

Basically the Venetian shots are quite “open”, the result of a defensive rotation that works intermittently, credibly due to lack of clarity.

However, it remains under the 80 points allowed, confirming an attack that does not produce, 8/27 from 3, 14/32 from 2, 12-14 in the assist-turnovers ratio.

Venice remains a convalescent, but finds a driver to rely on after a very negative start to the season.

Devon Hall

A year ago the American was an extra weapon also in directing, an emergency solution that did not solve problems, but at least avoided their accumulation.

This year the responsibility has grown in a roster that during the pre-season had to do without Baldasso and Pangos, only to lose Mitrou-Long at the first steps of the official season.

The performance suffered, and today Hall fails to be valuable in the role, while losing any offensive thrust. 2 points in Venice, -20 plus-minus.

But in the present there are no solutions, the player’s performance varies considerably in the minutes as a guard, until the return of Mitrou-Long will have to wait, perhaps hoping for more support from his teammates.

Kevin Pangos

Also because the first director continues his growth path. Against Venice, 9 points for Pangos (2/7 from the field), but another 5 assists after the double figures with Bayern.

+7 the plus / minus in 25 ‘of play, and a growing harmony with teammates.

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