Olivia Colman Reveals: “I Was so Drunk I Can’t Remember Anything About the 2019 Oscars”

In the Green Book of Peter Farrelly Best Picture, to snatch the statuette of the Academy Awards for Best Actress we thought the extraordinary Olivia Colman ( Broadchurch, The Crown 3 ), thanks to his incredible interpretation Anne in La Favorita by Yorgos Lanthimos.

Deserved prize for which the actress has also warmly thanked on the stage of the 2019 Oscars, but it is a pity that apparently she does not remember anything of the event and especially of her awarding, as later revealed with much irony and a bit of sadness during a recent one hosted at The Graham Norton Show .

There to promote the third season of The Crown of Netflix ‘s house, where the actress replaces Claire Foy in the role of Elizabeth II, La Colman declared: “She was really drunk, so much so that she didn’t remember anything about the evening. The great thing about the Oscars is that there is a bar in the back of the theater, where all the guests meet. There are really hundreds of people who fill their bladder before sitting down. 

The Crown 3 will be available on Netflix starting next November 17. That after the Oscar Colman can also win an Emmy Award for his performance? L it is important – we hope – that this time he will be able to remember the victory.

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