Olivia Munn is “in a panic” due to shortage of formulas, cannot breastfeed on “low supplies”


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Olivia Munn is one of thousands of parents who are “panicking” amid the nation’s shortage of formulas.

“It’s so crazy when people say ‘if you are breastfeeding you won’t have to worry about the shortage of formula!’” Munn tweeted on Thursday.

“I have poor milk supply, so I depend on formula to keep my baby fed,” she continued. “I wish I could breastfeed so as not to panic about the deficiency right now.”

The 41-year-old actress noted she has “no choice” other than to use formula while nursing her 4-month-old son, Malcolm, who she shares with boyfriend John Mulaney.

Munn’s tweet came a week after Bette Midler’s controversial breastfeeding comments sparked a reaction on social media.

“TRY BREASTFEEDING. It’s free and available upon request, ”the 76-year-old“ Hocus Pocus ”star wrote via Twitter on May 12.

Midler later defended his position, writing: “No shame if you can’t breastfeed, but if you can and are somehow convinced that your milk isn’t as good as a” scientifically researched product “, it’s something else again.” .

Munn welcomed her and John Mulaney’s baby boy Malcolm in November 2021. Instagram / Olivia Munn

Munn has spoken candidly about her nursing struggles since giving birth in November 2021.

“Breastfeeding is really difficult, especially if you’re low on availability,” she wrote on Instagram Stories in January.

Munn talked about the ups and downs of her breastfeeding journey. Instagram / Olivia Munn

The following month, the “Redazione” alum explained that he had used “two breastfeeding consultants, three breastfeeding pillows, breastfeeding soups, liters of coconut water, tea for breastfeeding. , gummy candies, vitamins, cookies, nipple ointments, skin to skin, heat pad to increase circulation [and] three different breastpumps ”to increase her milk supply, but had little success.

“None of it worked out,” he wrote in February. “I cried and cried. I felt like my body was failing. I was afraid of not bonding with my baby. But then I said: ‘Fk it.’ “

The new mom encouraged other parents not to “feel bad” about giving formula milk to their babies.

“You are the truth,” Jeannie Mai commented upon uploading to social media at that moment, while Alyssa Milano added: “You are my favorite and you have this. Write me if I can help you in any way.


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