Olivia Rodrigo says she hopes to return to showbiz in the future

Despite her incredible success as a musician, Olivia Rodrigo confirms that she has not lost her desire to perform.talking type Speaking on the red carpet at the Governors Awards in Hollywood last night, the singer said she would “love” to appear on screen again soon.

“I love movies, I love telling stories,” Rodrigo said. “I really wanted to do an adult thing before I was actually an adult. Maybe I was already an adult.” She added, “I just love telling stories, whether it’s in a song or a movie, and that really stuck with me. excited.”

She also discussed her dream collaboration. Rodrigo said she would love to sing with Noah Kahan, who is in the running for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. “I think he’s so great and so inspiring,” she said, crossing her fingers to the camera. “One of these days.”

Rodrigo attended the Annual Governors Awards in support of his recent single “Can’t Catch Me Now,” which is The Hunger Games: The Song of Birds and Snakes. The song has been shortlisted for an Academy Award, with nominations due to be announced later this month.


The singer’s second LP, courage, which launched last year and featured her hit single “Vampire.”She started her career as a child star, starring in the Disney Channel series Bizardwak Spent three seasons with Madison Woo and Jake Paul.She has also appeared in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Suitable for many seasons. Rodrigo left the show in 2022 to pursue his music career.

Last year Rodrigo was named Storyteller of the Year type Popular for brunch.Rodrigo said in his acceptance speech: “For as long as I can remember, telling stories through songwriting has been my favorite thing to do. I write to make sense of how I feel, to express my emotions, to commemorate and commemorate the events in my life. various stages of the project. I also had the opportunity to write songs for the new work Hungry Games I recently watched a movie that taught me how to write love songs from another person’s perspective and how fun and collaborative it can be. “

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