Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, a love story

Howeverlivia Wilde And Harry Styles convict was the set from Don’t worry darling because the director and the singer / actor fell in love while shooting the scenes. They are not the first to happenbut we are used to seeing flirtations and loves born between a male director and a female actress, instead here it is all (finally) to reversed parts. Olivia Wilde has 10 years more by Harry Styles (she is 38, he is 28). And finally the director was already married and mother of 2 childreni, Otis (8 years old) and Daisy (5). A love, therefore, born stubborn and destined to shake many prejudices.

It all begins in September 2020, when Harry Styles is chosen by Olivia Wilde to replace Shia LaBeouf in the cast of Don’t worry darling. In processing, what is born as friendship soon becomes something else. They hold back a long time a to chateveryone realizes that the director is smiling when Styles is around and that he, during breaks, he can’t stay away from her. At some point, news comes that Olivia Wilde and her husband, actor Jason Sudeikis, are breaking up. Because of Harry Styles? Not really, he says People: marriage has been in crisis for months, since the beginning of 2020 «The decision – it is said – was shared and both parents take care of their children. Children are the priority“.

But some doubts remain and a source later told Page Six that Florence Pugh, the other protagonist of the film, on the set she would have been very embarrassed, “Because Olivia was still with Jason when she started dating Harry. Her husband and children visited her on set a few times and maybe all of this made people feel a little uncomfortable“.

Nothing more than rumors. But in November in an interview with Vogue for the first time Olivia Wilde speaks openly about him, who had upset her so much in Dunkirk and that she had liked him even more after meeting him: ‘Harry is very modern, there safety which he demonstrates, devoid of any trace of toxic and aggressive machismo, I hope it is indicative of a way of being of his generation and therefore of the future ».

At the beginning of 2021 they take courage, challenge those who criticize the age difference and the breakdown of a family and let themselves be photographed hand in hand as they go at manager Jeffrey Azoff’s wedding, in California. And then they are free to show themselves to the sea, together in concerts or on their way to Great Britain. The sign that the relationship is increasingly important is in the fact that Harry Styles knows his partner’s children.

They rarely talk about their love, even when they would like to defend it from the lies of strangers. “When you understand that you are truly happy, you don’t care what those who don’t know you think of you. The only thing that matters is reality, what you like and the person you love. I am happier than I have ever been. I’m better than she ever was. And it’s wonderful»Says Olivia Wilde.

It is a blow to the director to receive the legal documents for custody of the children while she is on stage of the Caesar Palace in Las Vegaswhere he is talking about the movie Don’t worry darling. But these are only external accidents, like the bad things that come from some of the singer’s fans: “Your toxic negativity is Harry’s antithesis», Rightly emphasizes Olivia Wilde. Love is a precious gift that must be kept: «We do everything to protect our relationship. Because experience has taught us, but also because it is about a deep love“.

Don’t worry darling is the title of the film. But it could also be the motto of a couple holding hands, despite the prejudices of others.

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