Olivia Wilde breaks silence on Harry Styles and Chris Pine’s Spitgate drama “Don’t Worry Darling”


Fake news! Olivia Wilde has finally turned to the “spitgate” – shutting down rumors that boyfriend Harry Styles has once and for all spit on her Don’t Worry Darling co-star Chris Pine.

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In a teaser clip from his Wednesday September 21 interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Wilde, 38, raised the now viral video that showed the “As it Was” singer, 28, apparently spitting on the Star star. Trek, 46, as he returned to his seat at the Venice International Film Festival earlier this month.

Wilde raised speculation as an example that “people will look for drama everywhere”. Host Stephen Colbert, however, didn’t let the Booksmart director off the hook without giving a straight answer as to what happened or not.

“Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine, why or why not? He supports your answer, ”asked Colbert, 58, to which the former OC alum replied,“ He didn’t! Harry didn’t spit on Chris.

The comedian, however, was not convinced. “Only time will tell,” he joked, to which Wilde responded enthusiastically, “He really didn’t!”

Wilde isn’t the first of Don’t Worry Darling’s cast and crew to shut down the spitgate speculation. After the clip made headlines, Pine’s rep vehemently denied the claims.

“This is a ridiculous story: a complete fabrication and the result of a strange online illusion that is clearly deceptive and allows for silly speculation,” the Wonder Woman star’s rep told Us Weekly on Sept. 6. “Just to be clear, Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris Pine. There is nothing but respect between these two men and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant attempt to create a drama that simply does not exist ”.

The 28-year-old singer, for his part, approached the rumors with a sense of humor during his concert at Madison Square Garden on September 7.

“It’s wonderful to be back in New York, I just got off very quickly in Venice to spit on Chris Pine,” Styles joked onstage. “But don’t worry, we’re back and our job tonight is to entertain you and I promise we will do our absolute best.”

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Spitgate, however, was just one of the social media sensations generated by the September 5 premiere of Don’t Worry Darling. Fans can’t get enough of Princess Diaries 2 star photographing Florence Pugh on the red carpet, while others were entertained by her apparent disinterest at the press conference, labeling him “Dissociating Pine.”

Although Pine was present for the press, Pugh, 26, decided to skip the interview during his brief visit. While rumors persisted that there was tension between the Little Women actress and Wilde, the House alum downplayed any issues between them, referring to Pugh as a “strength” she was “honored” to have as a hero.

“As for all the endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there, the internet feeds itself. I don’t feel the need to contribute; I think he is sufficiently well fed, ”she added when asked if there was any truth to the alleged conflict between the two women.

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Wilde has faced a number of dramas since Don’t Worry Darling began production in October 2020. The New York native, who has been romantically linked to Styles since January 2021, has had to deny rumors about the pay gap between the star of My Policeman and Pug. He also claimed to have fired Shia LaBeouf from production to protect the Midsommar actress, however, the former Even Stevens alum, 36, said he quit due to lack of rehearsal time.


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