Olivia Wilde gets custody of children against Jason Sudeikis

ORlivia Wilde won the first round of the legal battle against ex Jason Sudeikiswith whom she broke up in 2020, for the custody of the two children Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5. The 46-year-old actor (two Emmys for his role on the Apple series Ted Lasso) had in fact filed the lawsuit for the custody of the children in October 2021 at the New York Family Court. But the judge, according to reports from PageSixaccepting the arguments of his mother’s lawyers, he rejected the request. The reason? He claims that the state of residence of the two children “is not New York but rather California”and therefore the New York Court “has no jurisdiction to discuss the case.”

Olivia Wilde and the Child Custody Battle

The 38-year-old actress and director, came to success with her roles in Dr. House And The OC.in fact, he asked him to come recognized children’s right to live in Los Angeles (and potentially London, where Olivia’s current boyfriend Harry Styles lives), while Sudeikis wanted the children with him in Brooklyn.

After the former comrade’s request to the Big Apple Court, Olivia Wilde had thus filed an appeal on May 17 to “determine the parental relations to the California Supreme Court”, requesting the following day that the lawsuit filed in New York be closed. Now that the New York court has proved her rightthe case is likely to be dealt with again by the Los Angeles Court.

Those documents delivered to the stage

The actress when she received the documents for the custody of the children. (AP)

Olivia Wilde’s furious reaction came after Sudeikis’ lawsuit papers were served while she was on stage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April. to promote his new film, Don’t Worry Darling. The actress had argued that the former partner’s move to notify her of the documents in public was designed specifically to put her embarrassed in an aggressive and threatening way.

Olivia Wilde’s answer

Sudeikis, he stressed, “used outrageous legal tactics: Jason’s actions were clearly aimed at threatening and catching me off guard. He could have had me notified of the acts discreetly, but instead chose to do it in the most aggressive way possible. The fact that Jason embarrasses me professionally and showcases our personal conflict in this way it is definitely against the best interests of our children“. So, furious, the actress and director decided to do battle beginning with the lack of jurisdiction by the New York Court.

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Olivia Wilde finally talks about Harry Styles on Instagram

Olivia Wilde finally talks about Harry Styles on Instagram

The Sudeikis reaction

On the case, however, the last word has not yet been said. After the New York court decision, Sudeikis has already made it clear that, regardless of what Olivia Wilde may claim, the Brooklyn home has always been considered the family’s permanent residence. And that the ex-partner is trying to cheat the cards by claiming that the children have always lived in Los Angeles.


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