Olivia Wilde, incredible unscheduled! Receives the documents for the custody on stage

During the presentation on stage at CinemaCon of his latest film as director, Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde she was suddenly interrupted by an unidentified person who approached from the audience and handed her a paper bag. Surprised by what happened, Wilde continued her speech.

The director and actress asked the interlocutor:“Is this for me?”confirming that an unprepared curtain was going on.
Wilde opened the envelope, took a look at the contents and then moved on to the presentation of the film, starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. Olivia Wilde once praised Harry Styles for his performance in the film, his third career as an actor.

Later it turned out that the envelope contained documents lawyers of his former partner, Jason Sudeikis, with whom he had two children:“Documents have been drawn up to establish jurisdiction over the children of Mrs Wilde and Mr Sudeikis” a source told The Wrap.
The same source would have disclosed that the same Sudeikis was unaware of this modus operandi:“[Sudeikis] was not aware of the time and place where the envelope would be delivered as it would be the sole responsibility of the law firm involved and would never have admitted that it was delivered in such an inappropriate manner “.

In relation to what happened, CinemaCon has officially stated that it will re-evaluate its security measures, without explaining how the person who gave the envelope to Olivia Wilde had access to the stage:“It has never happened in the history of the convention that an unauthorized delegate approaches the stage. In light of what has happened, we are re-evaluating our safety procedures to guarantee it to all our participants”.

Meanwhile, the trailer for Don’t Worry Darling, the new film directed by Olivia Wilde, has been released.

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