Olivia Wilde refused to appear nude in Ryan Reynolds film

This evening, at 21:10, on Channel 27, the comedy forbidden to minors will be broadcast I will change my life (original title The Change-Up) which sees protagonists Ryan Reynolds And Jason Bateman. The film was released at a delicate moment in Reynolds’ life, as he was not yet a box-office record-man and had just returned from the beating of green Lantern.

The plot of the film is quite simple and follows others that have used this type of narrative trick, from like father like son (1987) with the histrionic Dudley Moore a As a blonde (1991) by master Blake Edwards until reaching to Freaky Friday (2003) with the unlikely couple Jamie Lee Curtis – Lindsay Lohan, the Seventh Art has investigated with mixed results in this “magical” comic sub-strand.

In this reworking of the same concept we find Ryan Reynolds playing the role of a big boy who magically trades in the life of his best friend who is instead a married man with three children; given the opportunity, the ever-present Mitch will flirt with a colleague of Dave’s, played by Olivia Wilde.

Just about Wilde, who will soon return to the cinema with her new directorial film Don’t Worry Darling, during her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the time of the promotion to the film, the actress stated that she had refused to appear nude or to remove most of her clothes and therefore had to use a stunt double for some shots and put on some costumes for the close-ups and overhead shots. Leslie Mann also followed her colleague’s example in the film, while other actresses used prosthetics.

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