Olivia Wilde talks history with Harry Styles and the “deep love that binds them”

Olivia Wilde speaks, perhaps for the first time, of the relationship with Harry Styles. The 38-year-old actress/director and the 28-year-old former One Direction member are making their public red carpet debut, so they’re keen to clarify things. In their own way and with discretion, of course, but it now seems impossible to escape questions about their first job together. It’s about Don’t worry darlingsthe film out of competition at the Venice International Film Festival and then on Netflix from 22 September.

She directs (and stars) while he plays the lead alongside Florence Pugh (who already seems quite fed up with the sex scene trivia). In short, the situation seems more or less delicate like that between last year’s Bennifers on the same red carpet. With a difference, however: Jennifer Lopez was a guest at the Lido, present to support her then boyfriend and now her new husband, but she did not share the set with her partner.

Waiting to see how the couple will behave with the insiders, with the press and with the public in Venice, Olivia Wilde uses two words to describe a variety your own sentimental relationship: deep love. “I won’t say more on the matter because I don’t see any benefit in a relationship from being dragged into the public arena,” she explained, “We are both doing everything to protect our relationship; I think we do it out of experience but also out of a deep love».

Thanks, however, to the delicate situation regarding the custody of the two children (Otis and Daisy aged eight and five) that he had with Jason Sudeikis: the 46-year-old actor, in fact, sent her the legal documents during an eventthe CinemaCon of April in Las Vegas, who saw the ex on stage just to tell the film Don’t worry darlings. The two have been together for nine years and the episode is considered by Olivia Wilde as “an attack in the workplace”, but it didn’t surprise her because it’s part of the reason she ended that relationship. Again from the cover of variety However, he explained:It really annoyed me. It shouldn’t have happened. There’s been a huge security breach, which is pretty scary. Getting to that room not only required some badges, but previously taken COVID tests, which guaranteed you specific wristbands to be displayed to attend the event – ​​so this required planning. Trying to sabotage it was really evil. But I had a job to do and I’m not easily distracted.”.

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