Oliwka Brazil released the single “Big Mommy”. Is this a Polish Cardi B?

Her carrying and vulgar “Big Mommy” is one of the most widely commented hip-hop singles in recent weeks. Olivia Brazil immediately aroused the interest for which colleagues from the industry have been fighting for years. We have many reasons to believe that it will be much louder about it.

  • Oliwka Brazil is a 19-year-old rapper from Marki near Warsaw, who attracted the attention of listeners with the popular single “Big Mommy”
  • The rapper is not ashamed of rapping about sex in a vulgar way and has made an asset out of her plus-size figure. Of course, because of this, she has met with hate, which, as she herself claims, drives her
  • However, Oliwka Brazil is also criticized in a substantive way – she is accused of bodyshaming of much skinny friends
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Oliwka Brazil is a rapper who sooner or later had to appear on the Polish rap scene. In many discussions about native rap, there were longing calls for the first Polish full-blooded winder like Nicki Minaj or Cardi B, who would not bite her tongue, but enter with a whole arsenal of vulgar and sexual punchlines, without even looking at the shocked faces of the listeners and reviewers. Oliwka Brazil attracted the attention of the listeners with their hospitality at Smolasty’s (“Playboy” and “Oh Daddy” pieces – ed.). Thrown at the beginning of one of them, “I spit on a club, then souls and swallow” quickly acquired an almost memical dimension.

Less than three months later, the rapper’s first official single appeared on the Smolasty channel. If “Oh Daddy” was the first significant step on the stage, then “Big Mommy” has to be called a loud stomp that must have attracted the attention of the environment. After all, it is extremely rare for a Polish rapper to lay out such blunt, erotic lines and sound natural at the same time, not like a shy friend from the first bench, stretched out to answer a family life education lesson. The audience was pulled by their ears from the comfort zone and, to paraphrase one of the most popular YouTube comments under the music video, they had to rethink whether it was wise to dream of a “Polish Cardi B”.

You can find the rest of the text under the video

Thank you for the drawers

Women entering the rapgame have a difficult task because they look at them much more closely and are immediately assessed, which is a very demanding entry threshold and certainly blocks many careers. 19-year-old Oliwka Brazil could not count on a reduced fare in this topic, but she does not seem to be the person who would need it – the rapper is self-confident, has made her curves an asset and with her nickname alone makes it clear that Latin plus-size canon of beauty is an important part of her image. The hate had to appear, of course, but Oliwka herself in an interview with Young Leosia on said that she was more of a drive than a brake for her. Another thing is the substantive criticism – after the first songs, the rapper is accused of, among others, bodyshaming and slutshaming (“escorts are skinny shags, and their plumps are like salami”, “XS Bra, take a b * ch take, take silence”) . It’s clear that we can translate some lines by convention, and it’s clear that for many years the guys in the rap scene have indulged in a lot, much more, and not really anyone blamed them for it. However, it’s 2021 and it’s hard to count on some things going unnoticed.

The fact that Oliwka arouses extreme reactions in many environments may, paradoxically, be a plus for her. Many rap listeners still value “real talk” the most and the fact that a given artist / artist does not belong to any ideological faction. Whether we accept a representative of the Warner Music Group with all the benefits of inventory is an individual matter – it will be best to judge it after the debut album (the release date has not been announced yet).

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