OM already regrets Sanchez, Aubameyang is in trouble, Longoria is out

The first worrying signs of the level of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who replaced Alexis Sanchez at OM, are beginning to appear. The Gabonese striker is unconvinced as Olympique de Marseille heads to its 5th match of the season in Ligue 1.

Olympique de Marseille: Alexis Sanchez already regrets OM?

During the transfer window last summer, marseille olympics , created a surprise by making large-scale recruitments to strengthen its workforce. One of the most high-profile moves has been the signing of talented Gabonese international striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who will replace veteran Alexis Sanchez.

Since his arrival on Om this summer, aubameyang I have already had the opportunity to wear the Marseille jersey on several occasions. However, the player has not yet managed to display his full potential on the Marseille pitch or even show his ability to make Olympiacos supporters forget Alexis Sanchez.

During a recent After Foot broadcast RMC SportJournalist Daniel Riolo He avoided speaking on Aubameyang’s issue. He clearly said: “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, at the moment, it’s nothing. Personalities are down.”

This clear and unambiguous statement by Riolo provoked similar reactions among OM supporters. The question now is whether 34-year-old Aubameyang will be able to show his true potential in the coming weeks and live up to the expectations placed on him after the choice he has made? pablo longoria Don’t retain Alexis Sanchez to recruit him. This questionable choice of the Marseille President is confirming the suspicions.

As OM’s new star striker, the pressure on Aubameyang’s shoulders is undoubtedly very high. Marseille fans hope that their new recruit will soon find his feet and make a decisive contribution to the team. The coming weeks will be crucial to assess Aubameyang’s real impact on Olympique Marseille’s game and determine whether he is capable of chasing Alexis Sanchez The minds of the supporters of the Marseille club.

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