Om: Lopez, it’s time to say stop

After being eliminated by Panathinaikos despite their humiliating dominance, OM disproportionately drop two points against Metz, In spite of everything, some elements could explain the absence of OM’s victory at Saint-Symphorion when everything was present for a quiet success. lives on the edge of the main maybe Paul Lopez, A big blemish of the hand on the writer’s recovery mikoutadze, Marseille’s goalkeeper put pressure on his team. Unfortunately for him and Om, this is not the first time.

No exploits but errors…

Performing well in the first half of the season under the leadership of Igor Tudor, Paul Lopez It has declined since then. It’s been 6 months, the Spanish goalkeeper has not been decisive anymore and he also makes some mistakes. The former Betis Sevilla goalkeeper doesn’t assure his rear guard and instead of scoring points, he wastes them. Pau López, the cyclic goalkeeper, runs with a lot of confidence. After a poor end to the season following a mistake in the derby that saw him sent out to Roma, the Spaniard has faced several difficult phases at OM.

The competition took place for the first time under the leadership of Jorge Sampaoli. steve mandanda He has been relegated to the bench in recent games. A second led by Igor Tudor where the solid and convincing Pau López gave way to a failed goalkeeper. A complicated moment that continues with this huge mistake at Metz at the start of the season. Like Dario Benedetto, Paul Lopez He has qualities but he shows a mental weakness which prevents him from expressing them. Especially in a high pressure club like OM.

Caught in a difficult situation with their goalkeeper, the club will have to react. There are three solutions available for the marseille board but only one seems really satisfactory.

A new revival effort?

in June, pablo longoria Immerse yourself in the praise of your keeper: “I view Pau’s season as a very positive, especially when he had to make most of his interceptions in 1vs. He’s improved, he’s dominated the box, he’s improved from the corners and he’s progressed technically“Even if it is natural for a president not to fire one of his players in a public place, we can expect the OM boss to have a different internal discussion. Certainly Paul Lopez Has been able to recover in the past. But that’s because he systematically falls back. Thus, maintaining his trust once again does not seem like a viable long-term solution.

Blanco’s solution?

Pau López entered for the penalty shootout against Pana without missing a single chance, ruben blanco Could pass in front of Pau López in the hierarchy. But again, this is not a worthy solution to the situation at Olympique de Marseille. Even though Blanco is less fragile mentally than López, he doesn’t have a high enough level to be competitive for a full season at a club of his stature like OM.

flip the page permanently

In fact, the best solution is to find a way Paul Lopez Then finding a suitable replacement for the number one goalkeeper position in OM. As far as Pau López’s departure is concerned, pablo longoria Demonstrated his knowledge in terms of removal of undesirable elements. So sale or loan is not impossible. Again, in terms of replacements, the transfer window is still open. market opportunities, such as David de Gea That which is free from any contract, exists. Pablo Longoria and Javier Ribalta have shown their ability to bring back big names or promising good players. So the time for change has come in the cage of Om.

Olympique de Marseille need a good goalkeeper to achieve great performances. With more impressive stints from Joseph-Antoine Bell, Pascal Olmeta, Fabian Barthez, Andreas Kokpe and then Steve Mandanda, it is now part of OM’s DNA. Charge the leaders to rectify the situation by the end of the transfer window.

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